I am an artist from Aotearoa, New Zealand currently living and working in central Texas, and loving it. I am of Nga Puhi and Scottish ancestry and since before I was even aware of these things they have influenced my thoughts, beliefs and therefore my art. Land and music directly affect me and this is evident in most of my work. Indigenous people naturally tend to have a spirituality based upon land and music, so I can safely assume this is where my connection has stemmed from.
I have been quietly working to perfect my craft for decades. I have had several successful card series commissioned of NZ flora & fauna and have been commissioned a huge variety of works. I always strive to take my work in new directions, continually learning new skills, never being afraid to try something different. Evolving outside of the New Zealand accepted art scene has also been a contributing factor to my style.
My art spans many mediums, comfortable with oil, watercolour, pencil and airbrush as well as carving beautiful bone and stone. My work ranges from tiny miniatures to huge murals, from colourful abstracts to photo-real portraits, many of which embrace my Maori whakapapa (heritage) and wairua (spirituality). Painting live at several Aum Art & Music festivals has inspired me to discover new sides to myself and my work, finding particular joy in experimenting with UV paints. 
Art truly is a life journey.

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