Over the past 20 years of working in ceramics, I have grown to realize the importance of each piece being well-crafted.  That, as a functional potter, became my main focus for years.  Along the way, I discovered that the inspiration for my finished work came from the earth - it’s processes,  textures  and color.

The earth provides endless inspiration.  Look at canyon walls, swiftly moving waters, landscapes, the earth’s horizon at sunrise and dusk, geyser pools – the list never ends and is never boring.  In fact it is short of miraculous.

The earth also provides us with a fabulous pallet of color from which to work.  Everyone has marveled at the red, purple & orange sunsets, mesmerized by the deep shades of blues in the ocean and even captivated by the whites of clouds.

With these elements I developed three bodies of work each with landscape glazing and designs which create a beautifully crafted piece that is finished in such a way to capture the viewer's attention and stimulate a tactile response.
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