Kimberly Merck-Moore is an award-winning artist who specializes in three dimensional mixed media art.  Mixed media is simply work created with many different mediums.  Each piece starts with a custom wood panel or wood box.  Texture medium is applied, and after that has dried and been sanded, up to thirty layers of acrylic washes are applied.  Trees, vines, birds and houses are all sculpted on the surface with paper clay (clay made from paper and a binder).  When the clay dries, another 6-7 layers of acrylics are applied to achieve the desired finish.  The leaves and some of the trim are made from embossed and cut copper that has been aged or painted.  Bits of grouted glass and glass beads are used as accents on some of the pieces.

Kimberly shows at 10-12 juried shows a year around the state of Texas as well as Colorado and Louisiana.  She also shows her work in several galleries around Texas and accepts commission work.

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