Born in Framingham Massachusetts on November 22, 1969, Mark spent his early childhood on Martha's Vineyard Island. Drawn to art from an early age, Mark could often be found drawing scenes from imaginary places or legendary battles. At the age of ten, Mark moved with his family to Colorado and developed a lifelong love for nature. There he would spend as much time as possible outdoors, exploring, observing and experiencing the natural world. During these formative years, he began to develop the personal philosophy that is evident in his art today.

After years of working with his hands,  first in ranching in Colorado, and then in construction and house painting in Texas, he decided to try painting on canvas. His early works were mostly simple abstracts or landscapes, but as he explored techniques and honed his skills, his painting evolved into more colorful and often spiritual themes that express his vision and ideals.
Kieran's desire is that his art will resonate within the viewer and inspire introspection, bringing a visual element to concepts that encourage peace, harmony, and love. 

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