Why Join Pact?

As a PACT member, you may take advantage of opportunities to:

  1. Increase your art sales and exposure by having a greater reach as a result of:
    • Participation in multiple PACT group art shows each year
    • Publicity via the PACT website and social media, as well as through mutual sharing on PACT member social media feeds
  2. Develop valuable relationships through networking with: 
    • Professional artists who share common goals of making, marketing, and selling art
    • Art gallery owners and employees
    • Art collectors and patrons
  3. Benefit from the mutual support, respect, encouragement and information sharing among PACT members

Application Process

  1. Submissions for membership are open in July and August of each year.
  2. All interested artists apply online through the PACT website at pactart.org.
  3. The application form must be complete and include all required information and materials or the application will not be considered.
  4. New member applications are reviewed each September and voted on by PACT members. An applicant must receive a “yes” vote, from 2/3 of all current PACT members, in order to be accepted. New members are voted on by all the member artists in a meeting held in September. All applicants will be notified of their acceptance decision by email. PACT is an equal opportunity organization committed to the principle and practice of equal opportunity to participate in membership and activities. As such, PACT follows both U.S. federal and state laws which protect individuals from discrimination and harassment based on any of the protected classes.
  5. New members may begin participating in PACT activities in January of the following year.

New Member Requirements

  1. Submit 5 digital images of artwork for review – completed within the last 2 years
  2. Must fill out the online application, completely.
  3. The artist must have an up-to-date: public website, artist bio, artist statement; one or more active social media accounts and a valid Texas Sales Tax Permit.
  4. Upon acceptance, the new member will pay a $100 initial entry fee plus the $50 annual dues for the upcoming year. Afterward, annual dues are required to be paid by January 1. As of June 1, 2023, annual dues are $50 per member.
  5. New members must be willing to serve on a committee (e.g., membership, exhibits, publicity, etc.). A new member is not required to serve on a committee the first year.
  6. New members must be active on social media and be willing to share PACT posts and help promote PACT events.
  7. New members must be willing to attend monthly meetings in Waco or by Zoom.
  8. New members must be located in Central Texas, residing within the defined membership area as shown in the membership area map.

Code of Conduct

  1. All members must display the types of behavior and traits that command the respect of colleagues and customers.
  2. Members must present themselves as professionals, take their work seriously, be reliable, ethical, and mindful of others, maintaining composure despite challenges.
  3. Members of this organization must not:
    • Use abusive language towards a member or any participant
    • Harass (verbally, physically, or visually) another member or participant
    • Fail to follow any PACT bylaw
    • Bully or take advantage of anyone
    • Fail to cooperate with fellow artists or board members

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