Artist Statement

“In my art I use color AND words to evoke strong memories, moods, and feelings. There is no denying that the power a work of art can create even causes emotions beyond the viewer’s control. I want the viewer to see memories, and experience moods and feelings. I create art from acrylics to collages, all based on my feelings or mood at that given moment. I hope these works of art I have created can impact and speak to your soul the same way that they’ve spoken to mine. ”

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Background & Bio

Born in Waco, Chesley Smith has been involved in art education for many years as a teacher in Waco schools and as head of the art department at Paul Quinn College in Dallas.During his tenure at the college, he traveled extensively, exhibiting his work both nationally and internationally. He holds both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in art education. In addition to exhibiting, he has produced a number of commissioned works.

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