Evaluate any membership requests, send voting requests info out to current members,
tally and keep record of votes. Come up with membership suggestions that may need to be added or
revised to the bylaws, such as how many members we can take, from where, criteria on website or on
application, remind members when dues are due, when to be paid, order name tags.


Create invitations, ads or brochures for PACT group shows, post all PACT information
along with individual pictures and invitations on Instagram and Facebook, website. Get new or
updated photos from members for new printed material. Write press releases and get to magazines for
print dates. Take photos and offer live reels at group shows to facebook and instagram. Contact
newspapers or magazines about shows or other PACT activities. (Waco Today, Wacoan, news briefly
arts section of the paper on Thursdays).

Group Exhibits:

Collect art inventory information for venues of artists showing at group shows,
communicate with venue and spearhead each show regarding drop off dates, closing dates, pickup and
reception dates. Make sure all artists who agree to a show that they participate in that show. Help with
hanging if venue needs help, coordinate any docent responsibilities, demos, or workshops that could
take place during a show. Any new venues can then be suggested at the general membership meetings

Nominating/Election/Program/Social Committee:

Ask current members to volunteer for various
duties and committees for the next year. Present slate of officers in October, vote in November, install
in December with dues being required by the 31st of December (or November?). Handle voting during
the December meeting. Find place for each meeting, set up programs for meetings if desired and any
social events such as a demos by members to the group etc.

Executive committee:
President Elect (VP)