Artist Statement

“My artwork is the outpouring of my passion for the outdoors and animals. I love sharing the western world with others who, like myself, weren’t born into it. When I create a piece, I want it to be something that the experienced ranch hand and city-slicker alike can both enjoy. As a female western artist and horsewoman, I enjoy painting cowgirls in particular.  I want my works to showcase women’s strength, capability, and contributions to the western world.”

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Background & Bio

Jolee French is a 26-year-old artist located in Waco, Texas. She uses oil and watercolor to create paintings of wildlife, the outdoors, and the western way of life. Jolee did not grow up owning horses. So, she fell in love with riding from the seat of her great-uncle’s saddle. She spent the summers during her college years guiding trail rides in North Carolina. Now she and her husband Caleb live on a farm where they have two horses and three donkeys. All of which are frequently sources of her artistic inspiration.

From the time Jolee could hold a crayon, she has created art. She first began selling her art in high school, in the form of custom painted shoes. As a college student, she began selling watercolor pet portraits, tattoo designs, stickers and original pieces. After graduating college with a business degree, she worked an office job for a few months. It was then that Jolee decided to go full-time as an artist. She is thankful for her husband Caleb for encouraging her to take that leap and supporting her through the early stages of becoming an artist.

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